Making beaded door curtain

In this article we in the short form will tell how independently to make a decorative beaded door curtain. The decorative beaded door curtain is made from plastic or acrylic beads and do not demand special leaving. All necessary materials and tools can be got in shops.

Following the scheme, in some steps we will show how to collect a beaded door curtain - the Forget-me-not.

beaded door curtain - forget-me-not

Step 1

Fixing bead it is put on a thread. The thread should be more than double length of a curtain. We put a thread half-and-half and it is passed in a needle.

Step 2

We put on the first bead and it is hidden fixing bead. We continue to put on consistently beads according to the scheme.

Step 3

Having stopped to put on beads according to the scheme, we start to fix threads on a fixing lath. Thread fastening it is begun from edge gradually moving by the opposite end of a fixing lath.

beaded door curtain - color map

Attentively following the resulted table of colours and to the scheme in which are presented colour, diameter and quantity of beads we will receive a decorative beaded door curtain made the hands.

beaded door curtain - scheme